5 Ways to Capitalize on Holiday Marketing Opportunities

Posted on: 11.29.18 By: Amanda Miller Posted in: Marketing Strategy

The holidays are upon us, and if you have not already started weaving your holiday marketing magic, you still have time to create some holiday marketing opportunities!

From October through January, there are a number of holidays around which you can build campaigns. But the competition is fierce this time of year. We are in a good economy, and people have money to spend. You can determine where they spend at least a chunk of it if you get your plans in order now.

Create a Holiday Theme

During the holiday season, we are flooded with memories. Adults flashback to our childhood years, lights, cookies, and being with family. Almost any product or service can create messaging tailored to this nostalgia. How? Lucky for you, we have ideas to capitalize on holiday marketing opportunities.

1. Market Products and Services to the Season

Think about what you do in relation to the holidays. If you own a home services business, focus on the fact that holiday events usually happen around the house. Homeowners will need their residences cleaned, carpets steamed, HVAC tuned, landscaping updated, and meals catered. They might even be in the market to refinance to get some quick holiday cash!

Not a B2C business? No worries! Companies are usually closing out their books in December, so they need to spend money or look to how they will invest in the coming year. Focus on getting in early for their New Year planning.

2. Give a Special Holiday Gift

Everyone loves to get something free. Since the holidays are traditionally a time for gift giving, get in on the action with a giveaway. Secure prospective clients’ information through social media posts, postcards in your location, newsletters, blogs, and displays at trade shows. You can give something that represents your company (e.g., a pest company could give a home bug spray), or you could support a business in the community, such as a gift certificate for a local restaurant.

The key here is to have an ongoing marketing plan in place for all of those emails and phone numbers you’ll collect through your giveaway. Otherwise, you’re just giving money away with no potential return, and that is not capitalizing on holiday marketing opportunities.

3. Host a Charity Event

With #GivingTuesday fresh in our minds, it’s easy to latch on to the spirit of the season. Collect cans to share with the local food bank at your location or at events you attend. Create an event to volunteer at a shelter and invite your best clients. If you already give back a percentage of your earnings, be sure to publicize that to your community. For instance, at Ink & Quill Communications, a percentage of our sales goes to ChildHelp, so every time clients buy from us, they’re doing good. And people love doing good.

4. Create Themed Content

Update your marketing materials to support the season. You can do this on social media, blogs, newsletters, and marketing collateral. Turkeys, snowmen, snowflakes, dreidels, trees, candles, and fireworks are easy to add to printed flyers and such, as well as social media posts. Don’t be afraid to wish your followers a happy holiday and give them tips to get through the holidays. Most everyone is in the holiday mood this time of year, and that creates wonderful holiday marketing opportunities.

5. Develop Month-long Deals

Since most people celebrate Halloween the full month of October, Thanksgiving the full month of November, and Christmas / Hanukkah the full month of December, you can tap into that focus. Target a holiday event every month during the season or just choose one, but keep at it. By making your deal longer than a day or three, you allow happy customers to share the deal with friends and family. And virality is what we’re all striving for, after all.

Unsure How to Create Holiday Marketing Opportunities?

This is a busy time of year for all of us, and many business owners just don’t have the time to develop targeted marketing. Even with ideas, they feel overwhelmed. We get it. That’s why we’re offering a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation to help you come up with strategies (it’s usually 10 minutes, so this is an upgrade). We’ll brainstorm some ways that you can create excellent holiday marketing opportunities and close out the year on a high note!

Originally published at iq-communications.com on November 29, 2018.

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